Ypke van Oosterhout, Ph.D. | Executive Director

Ypke van Oosterhout is the founder and CEO of Xenikos B.V. and the pioneering scientist behind T-Guard’s development. Ypke discovered T-Guard while working in the Hematology Department of Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center (the Netherlands) after earning his Masters Degree in biology from the University of Nijmegen. Recognizing T-Guard’s clinical potential, Ypke focused his Ph.D. on its mode of action, safety and efficacy.

Following early positive clinical results, Ypke was awarded a STIGON Grant from the Dutch government initiative supporting entrepreneurship and research into innovative medicines to continue exploring the clinical- and commercial potential of T-Guard. 
Following further development of T-Guard within Immunotoko B.V., a company founded by the Radboudumc and Ypke, and Henogen (now Novasep Belgium), he founded Xenikos B.V. in 2009 with the aim of completing the development of T-Guard to registration as an orphan drug for the treatment acute GVHD and other indications.

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