Ypke van Oosterhout, PhD | Executive Director

Ypke van Oosterhout (1964) is the pioneering scientist/researcher behind T-Guard’s development, and the founder and CEO of Xenikos. His in-depth knowledge, hands-on experience and proven commitment to development of the medicine are unparalleled. 

After receiving his Masters Degree in Biology from the University of Nijmegen (the Netherlands), Ypke worked as a researcher at the Hematology Department of Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center, one of the Netherlands’ most well-known academic hospitals. During this time, he ‘discovered’ T-Guard, and recognizing its clinical potential, he focused his PhD research and further research efforts on its action, safety and efficacy. 

T-Guard was evaluated in a clinical pilot study that he set up with funding and input from local and national medical organizations in 2001.The study involved gaining medical research approvals and ensuring close collaboration between various departments and experts both within and outside the hospital. 

With positive outcome of the study, Ypke was awarded a STIGON Grant from the Dutch Government initiative supporting entrepreneurship and research into innovative medicines to continue exploring the clinical- and commercial potential of the molecule. 

Further research strengthened the evidence to support commercial development of T-Guard and resulted in the foundation of the commercial company, Immunotoko BV. This was acquired by Belgian pharmaceutical and bioengineering company, Henogen (now Novasep Belgium), in 2004. Following the acquisition, Ypke continued to manage T-Guard’s development as Associate Director of Proprietary Products. In 2009, Henogen ceased development of all proprietary products, so passing the complete responsibility of T-Guard’s future back to Ypke. 

Ypke founded Xenikos B.V. in 2009 with the aim of completing the development of T-Guard to registration as an orphan drug for the treatment acute GVHD and other indications.

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