stephan winckels2

Stephan Winckels MD PhD  | Medical Monitor

Stephan Winckels has extensive experience in clinical oncology drug development. Trained as a medical doctor at Maastricht University, he obtained his PhD in Medical Physiology from Utrecht University.

Stephan started his career in the pharmaceutical industry in 2009 as a Medical Monitor at Wyeth (now Pfizer). Later, he took over project management responsibilities for several Phase I-III oncology studies as Clinical Project Manager Oncology at Boehringer Ingelheim and worked as safety physician/medical lead and protocol author at Julius Clinical.

In 2016, Stephan joined SMS-oncology as Director Medical Affairs. In this position, he heads the Medical Affairs department and is currently responsible for thorough medical review, medical monitoring and medical writing as well as providing expert advice to support clients’ drug development processes.

At Xenikos, Stephan is responsible for medical oversight of the development of T-Guard in acute graft-versus-host disease (GVHD). Thus, he is accountable for safety review, medical review, medical monitoring and medical writing to support T-Guard’s further clinical development. 

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