Maarten Frijlink

Maarten Frijlink MSc | COO

Maarten Frijlink is a core member of Xenikos’ management team. His background, covering 25 years of industrial experience in a broad range of managerial roles, is key to the commercial development of T-Guard™.

Maarten’s track record includes a variety of leading roles in Quality Affairs, Business Development, Manufacturing, Process Development and Project Management. He has shaped many product development initiatives, with respect to scientific content as well as strategic business planning, especially for biopharmaceuticals. He made critical contributions to regulatory submissions for several innovative biopharmaceuticals as well as the management of the corresponding pre-approval inspections.

Each product development effort has been set in a different context, in a different organization and this has enabled Maarten to be part of companies such as Kiadis Pharma, Abbott, Novartis, and MSD.

‘Xenikos is one of these rare places where a real difference can be made. We are working for a small group of very fragile patients and each time we accomplish an improvement I am proud to practice science for life.’
(Maarten Frijlink)

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