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Lisa Huberts MA | Office Manager

Lisa Huberts is the Office Manager for Xenikos. With a degree in both history and journalism she has developed a broad set of skills that are well suited to the many aspects of her job at Xenikos – from data management, processing patient files, editing, writing and translating, to overseeing the administration, organizing meetings and functioning as a contact person.

After studying History at the Radboud University in Nijmegen from 2009-2014, Lisa moved to Antwerp, Belgium in 2015 to pursue a second degree in Journalism at KU Leuven, specializing in both Human Interest Journalism and Science Journalism. Her specialization in science journalism was solidified during an internship at National Geographic Magazine NL, where she was able to research and write about complex scientific matters. Topics included, amongst others, frozen oceans on Pluto, Byzantine heritage, the sleep habits of the king penguin and biological immortality.

‘My work at Xenikos allows me to combine the research and processing skills of a historian with my background in science journalism and a personal interest in biology. It’s exciting to learn new things everyday and to be a part of the journey towards bringing T-Guard to the market.’
(Lisa Huberts)

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